What you’ll miss if Donald Trump actually revokes NBC’s license

Unless you just haven’t been , you’ve probably heard that Donald Trump threatened to revoke ’s over a news story he deemed “fake.” First of all, in case you were wondering if it is even possible for a president to revoke the broadcast license of one of America’s broadcast networks, the quick answer is “no.” NBC doesn’t have a broadcast license. NBC does business through affiliates and each affiliate has a license. Trump could attempt to go after each one of those affiliates, but that’s highly unlikely. It would also be a huge breach of the First Amendment.

Maybe you don’t care though. Maybe you don’t like the media and think it should be more heavily regulated, and maybe you think the First Amendment goes to far. So, why should you care if the president is calling for the revocation of ?

Well, let’s play to the president’s fantasy for a minute. Let’s say revokes NBC’s license. You may not like politics, and you may not like the media, but you probably do like TV. Here are a few things you would miss if were to win his war with NBC.

If NBC could no longer broadcast, you would never find out how exactly the dad in This Is Us dies. You’d have to live the rest of your life wondering why Kate blames herself for it and why Kevin can’t cope with the loss of his father all these years later.

You’d miss out on your favorite soft-news morning show that you enjoy while either doing pilates or sipping coffee. No more nice stories about cute dogs who can recite the alphabet for you.

Your favorite variety/reality show would be gone. No longer would you be able to sit on your couch and say, “I can do it better than that! Get off the stage!”

You also won’t be able to watch NBC’s version of American Idol. You may have to go to your local bar on karaoke night instead.

I know you just got re-acquainted with these characters, but it’s going to be time to say goodbye to them once again if the commander-in-chief has his way. If you’re a fan of Will & Grace, you might want to write a letter to the FCC and your congressman to make sure they would keep The Donald’s Twitter finger from signing any orders that might take this show away from you.

That all familiar two-tone intro will become a thing of the past. We can’t let that happen, can we?

Come on now. You’ve got to want to save this one. This is family tradition. Your grandma watched it, your mom watched it, you watch it. How will you get through the day without Days?

Yeah, I know you can’t stay up late enough to watch this anymore, and I know it hasn’t been funny since the 90s, but it is a television staple and tradition. I realize you only see it through youtube clips these days, but without NBC, there are no clips of SNL.

Good riddance to your favorite bad show. Or is it a good show? You’re never really going to get to the bottom of it or find out the answers to unresolved questions like, “how in the world are they going to get another season out of this?”

See, even if you don’t watch the news because you think it is too negative, or didn’t vote because you don’t like politics, you might want to start paying attention now because the president of the United States is threatening something you actually do care about. Ya might wanna think about getting off the couch and becoming more active and informed.

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