Why Entertainers Shouldn’t Report News

An Atlanta radio host is unemployed and under fire after cooking an with presidential candidate Donald Trump.

, lead news anchor for , played what he claimed was a pre-taped interview with Trump on his radio show, telling viewers that the candidate would not take questions about issues.

Turns out the interview wasn’t current. The radio host used clips from an interview he did with Trump several years ago and spliced them to fit an updated¬†set of questions. When the Trump campaign got wind of the forgery, McCoy was taken off the air. McCoy claims he had an interview scheduled with Trump that got canceled, so he repackaged an old interview.

The Trump campaign used the faked interview to slam the media as a whole for its treatment of The Donald– and rightfully so. This misstep makes all journalists look bad by association.

But let’s talk about Steve McCoy. The first thing you need to know about McCoy is that he isn’t actually a journalist. Steve McCoy is an entertainer. Prior to his gig as a serious man on an all station, he was the stereotypical shallow morning show host on a Top 40 station.

In a move not uncommon in the radio industry, News Radio 106.7 hired McCoy for the name recognition to help the station’s struggling . While it is uncertain whether or not McCoy’s hiring created a significant boost, the station’s credibility has been shattered.

By hiring McCoy, the station essentially hired an entertainer to act like a news professional with the expectation that he would draw ratings to what would otherwise be a dry news show. So, what is a ratings-loving entertainer to do when faced with a looming deadline and an interview he claims was canceled? Just use some old audio scripted to fit a modern presidential campaign and watch those all-important ratings soar.

This incident should serve as a warning for all news stations who choose to hire a “talent” instead of a journalist.

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