Stupidity has no age limit, but it might have a speed limit


Unless, of course, you are an angry old man trying to get around a on your way to work. In that case, it is perfectly normal and acceptable for patience and all other virtue to fly out the window so you can get to your all-important destination.

At least, that is what one resident of Bellvue, Nebraska thought when he decided to stop his car and assault a garbage man for simply doing his job. The assailant was caught on video by a neighbor who was still in his right mind and he now has a couple of assault charges on his record.

The Bellvue man may want to consider staying at another bearing the same name as his city, where he probably would fit in a little better.

In other crazy news, a 32-year-old whipper snapper in Alaska decided to steal a from the local . However, he did attempt to put the cart in the back of a pickup truck like a more sensible criminal might do. No, he decided to just ride home on his new toy.

Police spotted him tooling down the road at a brisk 1.9 mile-per-hour clip, noticed he didn’t belong and questioned him. This is where it gets even stranger. At first, he said he was not doing anything at all nefarious, but was merely returning the cart. Upon further questioning though, he let it slip that he was driving home from Safeway.

So, we have two people here who are above the voting age — which should scare you — thirty years apart from one another in age, behaving like children. Let’s hope neither of these individuals ever wanders into a voting booth or achieves any type of position in life where they might have some amount of authority.

Photo by Tobyotter

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