Stupid Criminals: Don’t forget to flush. Better yet, don’t go at all.

The key to success in most professions is to set goals. If one’s is, say, robbing houses, one clear goal would be to stick to the task at hand without getting distracted. Another would be to actually rob the place.

Two burglars in entered the front door of a house, one would assume with the intent to steal something. However, one of the two bastions of brilliance decided instead to answer a call of nature. In addition to leaving the seat up, this hero of hygiene also chose not to flush when he finished doing his business.

Maybe the sudden potty break broke their momentum or perhaps they had some sort of argument about why in the world Bob didn’t go before they left. Either way, the bungling duo decided to leave without taking anything or really without doing much other than availing themselves of the bathroom.

When the homeowner arrived back at her house, she found it odd that the blinds were left open and the lights were on. It also looked like her stuff may have been rummaged through, though nothing was taken. The dead giveaway that an uninvited guest had entered the home though, was the being left up with a deposit of urine inside.

It would do this set of criminals well to heed the advice I’m sure their mothers gave them on trips to the grocery store: Go to the bathroom before you leave your house. Also, flush and put the seat down. is a hard enough job and the risks far outweigh the rewards. You don’t need to make it harder by acting like five-year-olds.

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