Reasons to never shop at Walmart

It is only fitting that a blog dedicated to chronicling  the stupidity that runs rampant in our society would eventually land on the of modern stupidity that is .

The mega-store’s is well-known and documented, with estimates that the number of thefts committed in Walmart stores each year is somewhere in the hundreds of thousands. Here, for your reader enjoyment, are some recent crime reports from Walmart stores across the country.

A assistant manager in Springfield, Missouri was caught filming a 12-year-old boy in the bathroom with his cell phone. According to court records, the child went into the bathroom stall to do his business, looked up, and saw a cell phone. The assistant manager, folks. Someone in management at the store was filming a little boy using the bathroom. That should say something about the caliber of employees that get hired and promoted at your .

A former priest visiting a Walmart store in Overland Park, Kansas began choking a four-month old for no apparent reason. The pastor did not know the four-year-old or his mother, but began strangling the baby. He may have been trying to kidnap the child, too, but it’s a little unclear from articles published about the incident what his intentions were. So far, we’ve learned that management in Walmart can’t be trusted, nor can clergy members who shop there.

A Wisconsin couple ran a lucrative theft ring. They would go out to Walmart stores in their area late at night and steal batteries, which they would then sell in order to buy heroin. They even went so far as to hit the same store twice within one week. The time and effort some criminals are willing to put into their crimes is astounding. Getting an actual job and earning a paycheck would actually be less work and less dangerous.

Lastly, if you ever happen to be in Anderson, California, avoid the Walmart. Police there are calling the super center’s parking lot a “fishing hole” for criminals due to the store’s close proximity to the highway. The lot is a cesspool for crimes ranging from car theft to drug deals. Parking lots at Walmart should be generally avoided. If you think what you see inside the store is scary, the nightlife in the parking lot is far worse. However, since criminals are drawn to Walmart parking lots, it does make the job of patrolling crime easier for police.

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