Planet X: Another Doomsday Theory Bites The Dust

Much to the chagrin of Doomsday-watchers and everywhere, the world did not end yesterday, a planet four times the size of earth didn’t make an appearance, and there was no miraculous sign over the city of to usher in .

None of this should surprise rational people who are able to tell the difference between scientific fact and a self-published charlatan who can’t even manage to tell us where he got his education, citing security concerns.

In case you missed it, , a self-proclaimed Christian numerologist claimed that a planet called “” or “” was on a collision course with earth and would draw near to the Earth on to cause all sorts of havoc that would eventually bring us closer to the monster at the end of the world known as The Great Tribulation.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen and we are all still here. Unfortunately, Planet X didn’t wipe out Meade or his ilk, so we’re stuck with them and their tinfoil-hat induced theories at least until North Korea annihilates us all.

Already, the Planet X faithful are claiming that the sign was misinterpreted, and that we were visited by UFOs from the invisible planet instead. The Cosmos screwed up and sent flying saucers to London instead of stars and planets over Jerusalem — sounds rational.

For those of you who got fooled by all this Planet X talk and acknowledge it and are coming down off of it, here are a few tips to keep you from believe the next big end of the world hoax.

Listen to actual experts. A self-published author who doesn’t want to reveal his credentials, is not a of information about anything. If you want to know about the possibility of a hidden planet in our solar system that we don’t know about, NASA might be a good place to start. Don’t trust the government? Of course, you don’t, you’re a after all. Did you know there are scientists employed by universities, nonprofit think-tanks, and planetariums that have published reputable books and journal articles? Read some of those. If you want to know anything about space, Neil deGrasse Tyson should be your go-to source in this day and age.

I know this one is hard for a lot of you, but legitimate news sources are those that own a printing press, a television station or a radio station or who pay a staff or professional journalists to report on events that are actually occurring in the world. A guy in his parents’ basement with an Internet connection isn’t a legitimate news source.

The next time you encounter someone who says they know or can predict the date of the Biblical end of the world, don’t believe them. The Bible itself says that we will not know the day or the hour. If you believe the Bible is true and that Jesus wouldn’t lie, then you can’t believe that you would ever know the date of his return.

If you type Planet X, Nibiru, or any of your pet theories into Google, you will get results about those theories. If you talk about your pet on Facebook, Facebook will show you more posts and people who believe what you believe. This does not mean that your views are popular, mainstream, or supported. This is just an algorithm doing it’s job and delivering you to pages (and advertisers) that will be of interest to you. Don’t mistake the fact that you keep encountering something on the Internet as proof of its veracity.

What you are experiencing is called Paranoia. There is medication for it, and a qualified mental health professional can help you through it. If you’re tired of falling for end of the world hysteria time and time again, please contact a local psychologist or counselor who would be more than happy to help bring you back to reality. Once you get help, you will realize that “they” are not out to get you, no one is following you, and the world probably isn’t going to end until the sun swallows us whole in about 7.6 billion years.

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