Author: Franklin Clemens

Franklin Clemens is a Journalist, blogger and news junkie dedicated to fighting all that is fickle and stupid in society. He believes an informed society is crucial to a civilized democracy and is kind of tired of all the uninformed people out there.

Why Entertainers Shouldn’t Report News

An Atlanta radio host is unemployed and under fire after cooking an interview with presidential candidate Donald Trump. Steve McCoy, lead news anchor for News Radio 106.7, played what he claimed was a pre-taped interview with Trump on his radio show, telling viewers that the candidate would not take questions Continue Reading

12 Truths About How Millennials Consume News

The Media Insight Project released a report this week on how Millennials consume news. The Associated Press, one of the report’s sponsors, heralded the data as proof that millennials aren’t as disengaged as their stereotype might suggest. But some of this may be wishful thinking on the part of journalists Continue Reading

Sarah Palin’s War on The English Language Continues

We always knew Sarah Palin wasn’t much for speaking the language properly. In a gift-that-keeps-on-giving moment this morning, Alaska’s favorite orator demanded that immigrants speak “American.” A vine clip is below for your enjoyment. More thoughts on this will come later. For those of you who might be a little Continue Reading