Author: Franklin Clemens

Franklin Clemens is a Journalist, blogger and news junkie dedicated to fighting all that is fickle and stupid in society. He believes an informed society is crucial to a civilized democracy and is kind of tired of all the uninformed people out there.

Stupid Criminals: Don’t forget to flush. Better yet, don’t go at all.

The key to success in most professions is to set goals. If one’s chosen profession is, say, robbing houses, one clear goal would be to stick to the task at hand without getting distracted. Another would be to actually rob the place. Two burglars in Michigan entered the front door Continue Reading

Reasons to never shop at Walmart

It is only fitting that a blog dedicated to chronicling  the stupidity that runs rampant in our society would eventually land on the breeding ground of modern stupidity that is Walmart. The mega-store’s crime problem is well-known and documented, with estimates that the number of thefts committed in Walmart stores each Continue Reading

Driving to New York? It’ll cost you $200 if you drive through this New Jersey town.

What do you do if you’re a small town that suddenly finds itself inundated by non-local drivers who on your streets because their GPS sent them there? Would you: A.) Improve signal timing and traffic flow to correct real traffic problems in your city? B.) Upgrade your transportation infrastructure, which Continue Reading

The history behind Xmas explained

Let’s talk about Xmas. To the uninformed. the word Xmas is a crass abbreviation, an affront to Christianity, and an example of how secular humanists are actively waging war on Christmas by trying to take Christ out of Christmas. If you are the type of person who gets upset whenever Continue Reading

Here’s what you missed while you were obsessing over Prince Harry’s engagement

I know you’ve been busy today taking in everything you could read or watch about the exciting news of Prince Harry’s engagement and probably haven’t been able to think about or focus on the boring stuff going in on the world around you. But if you’ll give me just a Continue Reading

The 2017 Turkey of the Year is a guy you’ve never heard of

At Thanksgiving, 91 percent of Americans will be eating turkey, the President gets to pardon a turkey, and on this blog a Turkey of the Year is crowned. The competition this year was steep, as the number of people in our society vying for the prize of top turkey seems Continue Reading

Selena Gomez is blonde and I couldn’t care less

In case you can’t see it, the image above is of a headline from People Magazine that reads: “Everything you need to know about Selena Gomez’s blonde hair change.” She dyed her hair blonde. Selena Gomez is a blonde now. Beyond that, I’m not sure what else I need to know Continue Reading

5 Uncomfortable Facts About Black Friday

If Thanksgiving Day is the acknowledgement of how much we have to be thankful for, Black Friday is the acknowledgment of how much we still want. In a testament to American values, we spend Thursday paying tribute to gluttony and Friday paying tribute to materialism. Here are five things you Continue Reading

Stupidity has no age limit, but it might have a speed limit

Patience is a virtue. Unless, of course, you are an angry old man trying to get around a garbage truck on your way to work. In that case, it is perfectly normal and acceptable for patience and all other virtue to fly out the window so you can get to Continue Reading